🗣️ Meograph

Meograph: CEO & Head of Product

• Raised $2.5M in venture capital from top Silicon Valley and east coast investors to develop new social AR experiences.

• Designed, built, launched, and grew several products, acquiring 3M registered users and retaining 1.5M MAU.

• Led creation of 3D avatar telepresence technology using 2D video input on commodity hardware, earning 2 US patents.

• Closed F500 and large corporate customers like the NBA, NFL, NCAA, TBS, and PBS on audience engagement product.

• Marketed company products to drive rapid growth via average $0.03 CPIs, 2.5K ambassadors, and 100 press articles.


🗣️ Meo (2017-19)

3D people from 2D video

🧚 Morf (2017-18)

Your real AR avatar

🎤 Keynote (2018)

ZeroOne conference in Shenzhen

🦍 Marketing (2018-19)

Mobile demo backpack

👯 Flippy (2015-16)

Star in famous clips

Flippy examples.mp4
Trio examples.mp4

🎞️ Anymix (2013-14)

Engage your audience creatively